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Sashimi Tuna

Our signature frozen Premium Sashimi Tuna is processed exclusively at our very own GMP & HACCP certified factory in Thailand meeting requirements of all international standards.

Much care is taken during the production of our supreme sashimi tuna to ensure only the finest cuts of premium sashimi tuna adorns your delicious sashimi platter.

Japan Grade
Sashimi Tuna

Our exquisite chilled Japan Grade Sashimi Tuna are carefully selected immediately after catching from the deep ocean to ensure succulent quality and freshness.

The fish is swiftly processed, packed and flown into Bangkok twice weekly.

Responsibly sourced from various seafaring boats with focus on sustainability.

Sashimi Salmon & Others

Our savoury Sashimi Salmon are raised in enchanting farms around the pristine clear waters of the Norwegian sea.

Their meat texture and taste remain unparalleled and are the most sought-after sashimi fish from around the world.

We have other wonderful sashimi products to tantalise your taste buds as well.

Premium Hamachi Fillet

Our premium Sashimi Hamachi Fillets are produced from the cold waters of Japan using exclusive patented techniques from harvest till freezing to lock in all the freshness and taste.

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