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Premium Hamachi Fillet

Uwajima Kaido

only uses seasonal farmed young yellowtail with a fat content of over 30%. These are directly procured from Kyushu and Ehime.
There are four critical steps to preserve the freshness of our Hamachi Fillet. These studied and confirmed procedures ensures that only the highest quality of fish is delivered to our customers.


STRESS REDUCTION: We start by holding the fish in highly oxygenated tanks for 16 hours before harvest. This reduces stress from harvesting and minimizes residual lactic acid in fish’s flesh.


RAPID IKEJIME: At our ISO certified facility, the fish are then stunned Ikejime style which shuts down their nervous system immediately. This delays the onset of rigor mortis and thus maintains the highest level of taste. This also ensures the least damage to the flesh as well as avoiding discolouration.


RAPID FLUSH: Next we use our patented technology called “super-cold smoke”. This process ensures that blood is completely removed down to the capillaries which is the main cause of fishy odour and decay.

(The pre-freezing process (Ikejime, blood removal, fillet processing, and freezing) is completed within 2 hours.)


RAPID FREEZE: Finally we employ specialized freezing equipment that has 10x the thermal conductivity of conventional blast freezers (-35C). The products are fully frozen in less than an hour.

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